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The history of SURPIL furniture and its manufacturer, the "company for stackable furniture", is above all that of the French developer Julien-Henri Poché. From 1927 his full attention was devoted to the conception of furniture made exclusively of metal, for use in public spaces (restaurants, cafés and other communal spaces).

He shaped the French design of this era with a design that combines functionality and aesthetics through the use of only two steel tubes that form the seat and back of the chair. This special feature makes the chair appear graceful, light and at the same time robust. The attention that SURPIL chairs received from some of the leading designers of the time is evident in a portfolio “Les meubles modern de metal” published by the architect Pierre Pinsard for the Paris autumn fair in 1929. The fact that SURPIL furniture is shown here together with works by avant-garde designers such as Le Corbusier, Rene Herbst, Louis Sognot, Marcel Breuer, Robert Mallet-Stevens underlines their outstanding importance and makes them icons of modern design.