Sammode produces 100% in France and has fostered the three values ​​that are close to their hearts for almost 90 years: relevance, reliability and longevity.

Right from the start, the company has built an alliance between trade and industry, know-how and advanced technologies. This enables the robustness, tightness (waterproof IP 68), resistance, reliability and durability of the products to be guaranteed with great flexibility. The aesthetics and functionality of the lighting solutions developed by Sammode are the benchmark in this area today and guarantee the best quality in extreme environments (from -60 ° to + 200 °). They are therefore equipping both the reactor building of a nuclear power plant and the new interior of the Dufour pavilion in the Château de Versailles.

From the outset, your research focuses on the durability of materials and lights, the rejection of disposable and programmed obsolescence, the profitability of production and the optimization of packaging. Your goal: a reduced ecological footprint.

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