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Inspired by the sun. Spherical hanging lamp from DCW Editions. This lamp was developed by Bertrand Balas, an architect born in Toulon in 1935, in August 1970. At first glance, this original lamp resembles other spherical lamps. But as soon as it gets dark and the HERE COMES THE SUN is switched on, the magical effect of the unique light comes into its own. The night becomes soft and calming.

In the spring of 1969, however, the Beatles on the Apple Records label are no longer in good shape. Tensions within the group are high. Relationships are cool. George Harrison then wrote the song "Here comes the sun". After the winter, the cold, the ice, it is good to feel the heat of the sun's rays. The song comes out in 1970 a few days before the lamp by Bertrand Balas. At that moment, Bertrand Balas decided to change the name of his lamp because he feared he would be attacked by the Beatles.