IFÖ Electric develop their products in an environmentally conscious way, so their LED modules consume less electricity and last longer. Their production is located in Sweden, which in turn reduces the transport burden. And last but not least, the products are designed to last, both in terms of quality and design.

IFÖ Electric works with porcelain, nature's material. They refine the product as gently as possible. Discarded unburnt material is always reused (recycling) as its recipe requires a certain amount of recycled material.

The history of IFÖ Electric began in Bromölla in 1934. It actually started earlier, as early as 1887 limestone and kaolin clay were found in Ivöklack on Lake Ivö, in 1919 the production of electrotechnical porcelain began and in 1927 Iföverken was founded. The production of lights began in the sixties. In 1965 Sigvard Bernadotte designed our classic Bernadotte lights, which are still in production today.

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