When you think of LEDs, you think of design that is subordinate to technology, large chips, silver collars and a high light output. So far, this has certainly been correct.
The manufacturers TALA and CLAEX are the first to perfectly combine the classic shapes of light bulbs (E27 and E40) with the latest LED technology and not only reinterpret the shape of traditional Edison light bulbs. The light quality comes very close to traditional incandescent means, with these LED lamps the alternative to the classic Edison bulb has finally been found. These LED light bulbs create a warm, pleasant lighting atmosphere, are dimmable and, thanks to their extremely long service life of up to 30,000 hours (TALA), are very sustainable. The energy efficiency of these lamps is excellent with A + (CALEX) A ++ (TALA) and therefore very ecological.
With the new lamps from the manufacturers TALA and CALEX, together with the lamp classics from Bolich, Jieldé or Lampe Gras you can create a living atmosphere that leaves little to be desired and does so without compromises.
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