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T8 LED RÖHRE ST8V-EM 7.6W / 600 (Ersatz FL-Röhre für KVG / EVG) (6017619722414)
T8 LED RÖHRE ST8V-EM 7.6W / 600 (Ersatz FL-Röhre für KVG / EVG) (6017619722414)
T8 LED RÖHRE ST8V-EM 7.6W / 600 (Ersatz FL-Röhre für KVG / EVG) (6017619722414)


T8 LED TUBE ST8V-EM 7.6W / 600 (replacement FL tube for KVG / EVG)


T8 LED TUBE 590/600 AS A REPLACEMENT FOR FL TUBES / LUMINOUS TUBES - These SubstiTUBE Value T8 LED tubes enable the simple and safe exchange of T8 fluorescent tubes in conventional ballast and electronic ballast fittings or on mains voltage. The tube is made of glass and provides homogeneous illumination. It can be used in single and tandem operation with a conventional ballast (0.6 m version). Delivery incl. Starter. These 26mm thick LED tubes are available in warm white 3,000K and cold white 4,000K in various lengths.


Not suitable for operation with electronic ballast. Use in outdoor applications is possible in suitable damp-proof luminaires.


  • Manufacturer: OSRAM
  • Type: T8 LED tube
  • Length: 603mm, Ø 26.7mm
  • Energy efficiency: A +
  • Switching cycles: 200,000
  • Service life: 30,000h
  • Line: 7.6W (corresponds to conventional 18W tubes)
  • Luminous flux: 720lm
  • Dimmable: no
  • Base: G13
  • Color temperature: 3,000K (warm white) or 4,000K (cold white)
  • CRI: CRI> 80
  • Beam angle: 190 °
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Material: tube made of glass
  • Mercury-free and RoHS-compliant
  • No sagging thanks to glass technology
  • Easier, faster and safer lamp replacement without rewiring
  • Energy savings of up to 65% (compared to T8 fluorescent lamps on the CCG)
  • LED replacement for conventional compact fluorescent lamps in CCG luminaires or on mains voltage
  • Full brightness without a warm-up phase, ideal in combination with sensors
  • Very high switching resistance
  • Also suitable for operation at low temperatures


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